Prices & Fees

Our photo session costs $350 what includes: 

*a pre consultation with styling and beauty guide 

*a fully guided photoshoot, takes about 3 - 4 hours on your chosen location

*with professional hair and makeup and styling for 1 or 2 women,

* access to the studio wardrobe and accessories

* and a review session of your beautiful portraits, that will be presented to you. 

Some clients spend a few hundreds, others spend couple of thousands for their portraits  - what you buy is entirely up to you and there is absolutely no hard sell, minimum purchase or an obligation to buy afterwards.

With that being said, I always do my best to create portraits, that you'll absolutely love and don't want to be without :)

Our individual portraits a'la carte start at $179 and our beautiful folio collections start at $599 and go from there.

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